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I've decided that having so many cars is rediculous, so I'm trying to get down to 2, lol.

This one is a Cream colored '88 Civic hatchback (1,928 lbs from the factory )

Due to the hatchback configuration, it is surprisingly roomy inside, including in the rear seats. Its a 4 speed manual, 1.5 liter, and is surprisingly fun to drive. Milage off the top of my head is 195k. I bought it in 12/03, and have put 8k miles on it w/amazing reliability. The car shows no sign of quitting any time soon.

The positives: Valid NJ inspection through January 2006. Tires, clutch, brakes, timing belt all replaced in the past year. I have all service records of the car since '91 when its second owner (who I bought it from), purchased the car. She is a 55 year old woman, who took meticulous care of the car, as her records confirm. I get 37 mpg with it, its great on gas. A/C and heat work perfectly.

The negatives: a lot of body rust. Interior has sun damage. Front seats are worn and could use covers. The muffler rusted off, so right now its mufflerless, although its not loud, even w/no muffler.

I'm going to get pics up shortly.

Asking price is $1800 obo.

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