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This car is an unmolested 2003 world rally blue wrx. the mileage is about 16,000. the price im looking for is $25,000neg. there is way too much in here to sell it for much cheaper, its already a steal. the car from 40-120mph can beat an sti with exhaust and chip by 5 car lengths! I'll remind you that there is over $15,000 in modifications to this car, and if you'd like i can show you costs for each item and you can calculate for yourself. the car is dyno proven. has not been drag raced, no 1/4 mile times, no crazy launching. everything works perfectly. paint is very very nice. im sure i left out a couple things, but with this many mods, how can you remember everything? if you have any questions just ask.

what is exactly in this car?
Well as you may expect this car pulls like a freight train!
I have it tuned to 93/94 octane gasoline, so these arent race gas miracle numbers, these are every day numbers.
the engine- Power Enterprise 1820 turbo capable of 450hp.
Turbo XS Top mount intercooler with carbon fiber cover
Power Enterprise 660CC injectors
walbro fuel pump
helix down pipe
gruppe-s up-pipe
hks catback exhaust
Turbo Xs type-H blow off valve
Turbo Xs Utec user tuneable engine computer-dyno tuned- with remote switch
redone intake silencer
Mobil 5w30 oil only synthetic changed every 3-4000 miles (its still nicely colored and full)

Other parts- Full working, 2004 REAL US domestic market STI interior- front + Rear seats and all door panels! airbags are hooked up and working perfectly.
8000K Mcolluch HID kit with cleared headlights
2004 Sti real side skirts
2004 real sti rear spoiler
wrx accessory rear apron
Carbon fiber version 1 sti front lip
gruppe-s front grill
real sti hood scoop
Genuine subaru 4 pot front brakes with stainless lines
Turbo legacy rear vented brake conversion
nicely debadged subaru (on trunk)
Kartboy short shifter and bushings
Rota action 17x7.5 wheels
Either Kumho ecsta 712 tires (225/45/17) or Dunlop winter sport M2 tires (same dimensions)
Eibach springs
autometer A pillar EGT gauge and clock with lotek pod
Factory $700+ triple gauge option
upgraded factory speakers
Basically every option except automatic.
2 sets of floor mats
arm rest extension
carbon fiber fender light fillers
air filtration system
Sti rear strut brace (replica)
As for the alarm stuff- it will actually save you money on insurance. it was setup with theft prevention in in mind.
completely illegal, but fully working clifford alarm remote start system (matrix rs2)remote start, full motion sensor with warning and alarm setoff. backup battery in case they disconnect the current one, the alarm will still work. underhood trigger which the wrx doesnt have (so if they lift the hood, the alarm will go off). the big insurance saver- Lojack ($900 installed) from the factory. also the utec has a mode which will not allow the car to start. so you should feel pretty safe.

[email protected]

PM for phone #

The car was broken in properly. When drive and started it does not go over 3500rpms until after the oil has reached 70 degrees celcius, to insure the life of this motor (since day one) all parts and service has been done by a few people. Subaru has done all basic services. parts installed by a bmw engineer working for bmw north america, Jermaine from , minor work from azpinstalls and precision tuning. until the cars sale, it will be driven just to commute to work (2 days a week) im at college and have alot of studying to do, so it wont see a crazy amount of mileage.

whats wrong with the car? absolutely nothing. the only thing i can think of is one ding in the hood (by a jealous college student i'd guess. which i will take out if someone buys it...can be fixed via paintless dent removal)

Located in North New Jersey


thanks for your time!

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what the hell?:confused:

your selling the wrx? what for

oh yea bump for a nice car ive never had a ride but everyone says its ridiculously fast

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i'll take you for a ride if you want

since I am in school, i prob won't be driving it much. i need to focus on school instead of the car. the car is too quick for my license :eek: if i keep this car, NJ is going to own my license. i want to get more into road racing and auto crossing, so i'd like to do a car with more suspension mods, and prob slower LOL. this car is a great car, i haven't even had the car a year yet. just like my M3, you get the car, you work real hard, you enjoy it, but i have the disease of modifying, and i dont feel i want to invest any further. I like the little dccd button in the sti LOL
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