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Possible sale:

i've got the C-West(replica) Lip kit brand new unpainted i'm looking to part with possibly only if i get what i paid for it which is $450
i'm not looking into the show part of my car any more as i've come to realize that its turning into a drag only car

so if i can get what i paid for it then i'll sell them and this is for pick only as i'm not shipping these as cost would be too much
i'm willing to met anyone half way within 75 miles(my travel)!

Also i'm thinking of selling my PE 1818F turbo inwhich has about 1100 miles on it.......

this is a awsome turbo. i was able to put down just about 290 @ the wheels on 93 pump gas on a dyno dynamics dyno(which is a low reading dyno)

put it this way the runs just about 109 in the 1/4 with this turbo and the rest of my setup......

i'm looking to bigger thats why i'm looking to sell this awsome product for a discounted price of only $1300 pick up or $1325

i linked up my dyno graph....(the lag is from my FMIC being too big for this turbo)
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