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Hey All,

Bought a Subaru WRX 04 a few weeks ago.. YEWW!
Looking into getting some modifications as well as doing a bit of my own labour..
With Youtube, Google and CLUBWRX as my guides... I'm sure I'll manage, Eventually.

My plans are to achieve around 300 - 400 HP.. I should be happy then, I think..
It's completely stock atm.
Only thing I've changed is the stock cardboard! air filter panel.

I'm not entirely sure on what I should start buying first.
Mainly just because i'm unsure if after buying certain things, that other mods will need to be bought in order for it to run smoothly and healthy on a near daily basis..

So hopefully I can talk to some others here who don't mind sharing a bit and can help turbosmart my learning curve =]

Feel free to ask any questions at all.


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Welcome, i would say 400 out of that car will take a good bit of money. I know with my 11 wrx they saw 300-350 is the most you can push reliably, i imagine before needing to rebuild the engine with stronger parts.
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