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I've been torn between a Golf GTI & Subaru WRX for the past couple months. From, what I've heard from a variety of forums, the VW reliabilty really can't even hold a candle to the rock solid reliability of the WRX. I've only been to one dealership to date (Stohlman's in Tyson's Corner) & found "Internet consultant" to be less than helpfull. Can somene please make specific dealership/sales person recommendations? Thanks in advance, Rick :confused:

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There is a guy at Paul Brothers in Herndon, forget his name. He was lucky enough to go out west to learn about the cars. They had profesional drivers on closed tracks they rode with, and then got drive as well, same event writers for the popular magazines went to. He seems knowledgable, explained the BBS wheels and said they only weigh 15lbs, compared to the 25lb stock wheels. Paul Brothers was the only place I was able to test drive the car out of the 5 dealerships I went to.

Farrish offered the best price, $800 over invoice. I don't think the salesman(Delgado) understood the popularity or demand. He didn't know much about the car..... but thats OK because I did. When I picked it up he said they can't order anymore for the year. Who knows? I ordered it back in April, took delivery July 7.

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Well you have made the right choice in WRX over GTi.

As far as dealerships go, I have been collecting information and opinions about dealerships for a while.

I have heard that some people have gotten deals with Bill Blumenfeld at the Fitzgerald Auto Mall (800)876-3748 in Rockville, MD.
Also Farrish in Fairfax, VA and Tischner in Rockville, MD are good if you place an order. I have heard of people getting anywhere from $300 - $600 over invoice at these two places.
Over on i-club Richie Hanna at Stohlman is giving i-clubbers $1000 over invoice, which may be worth it since supposedly they have excellent service and are tuner friendly.

Something to keep in mind is that VA dealers have a processing fee of around $125 where MD dealers dont.
Also, a dealer may be willing to go lower if you order the car. That way they do not have to keep the car on the lot and they get to keep the "Dealer holdback" that is built into the invoice instead of it going to advertising, electricity, and using up a space on the lot. But of course if you order the car you will probably have to wait 6-8 weeks.

I dont have any personal experience with any of these dealers, this is just what I have heard on the grapevine, so YMMV.

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