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New WRX owner

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Hello all! I just bought my first WRX, and figured I’d find a community to join! I bought a 2013 Impreza WRX hatchback, and so far I am loving it. I came from a 2013 Civic Si coupe, but unfortunately my family was outgrowing that car. I started searching for any car that was a manual and had 4 doors that would be fun to drive. After some research, I figured my main options would be either a sedan Si or a hatchback WRX. One afternoon of searching online later, and I found WRX . Advice or tips for this car would be much appreciated. As I just bought it, and it’s my daily, I’m not looking to do anything to it right now. However I was looking into at least getting the Cobb accessport in the future just for the OTS maps and see where my journey takes me from there.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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