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Hey all, recently came into a 2006 Saab 92x Aero MT and I am looking to mod. It has 160k miles and impeccable maintenance records. 1 previous owner. Currently drives and runs very well, sounds great, shifts smooth, etc. I don't think it was really abused at all. Overdue for a timing built but that is in the works.

Make a fun track car that I can continue to daily drive. I want to improve performance and handling over time and I don't want to blow up an engine. I am not looking for crazy HP numbers; I am thinking getting up to around 300 whp, over the next 2 to 3 years. I am going to do modifications piece by piece so I can really experience the effect of each one.

Current ideas:
I am going to start with an air oil separator and good tires. I will stay up to date with regular maintenance.
I want coil overs or air suspension so I can lower the car over the summer and raise it up during the winter, for the sake of snow clearance. I also want the option to raise it, for infrequent camping purposes. I don't intend to constantly adjust ride height.
In terms of power, I am thinking Cobb vs used STI parts and keeping the tune up to date regardless. On the other end of the spectrum, I am loosely considering sticking to stock(-ish) power and only doing mods for handling.
I plan on taking a performance driving class/lessons, once warmer weather comes around.

About $6000 over the next 2 to 3 years. I can afford to replace a blown up engine if I have to. I can afford to do all the modifications right now but I would rather space it out.

Above average. I am confident I can do everything that doesn't require taking the engine out or lifting the car. I am mechanically experienced, though completely new to the modifications.

Thread hopes and dreams:
I have already done hours upon hours of research over the last few months. I am only looking for any pieces of advice and thoughts about the process. I am most interested in how I can mod my car, while minimizing the risk of blowing it up, knocking, etc as much as possible. Specifically, I really like the idea of parts like an air oil separator ie parts that can help inherent flaws with the platform and modding. I understand that any power mods will reduce reliability, I am just looking to reduce that risk from a x% increase to an x-1% increase. I am not looking for anybody to toot my horn. Try not to be a dick please; it's easy not to be a dick. Telling me not to mod isn't very helpful.

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Best place to start with a budget in that range would be tires, pads and rotors, stainless steel brake lines, suspension bushings, Cobb stage 2 setup and koni inserts.

This should be reasonably affordable and within that 6k budget by a fair bit. It's all things that can be reasonably handled at home with exception of an alignment more geared towards sporty driving.
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