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New to Missouri and subarus

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Hey guys I’m buying an sti here shortly. I want to upgrade pretty fast and barely know the basics. I have done some reasearch. I’d like to get to 400hp pretty quick. Eventually 600. Can anyone kind of point me in the right direction? Here’s a list of the mods I plan on getting right away:
Cobb Accessport
Unequal length headers
Cobb 20g
Cobb catback
Cobb up pipe
Invidia down pipe
Cobb 1050 fuel injectors
Cobb ebcs
Cobb 255 pump
Ngk iridium spark plugs
Radium fpr
If anyone has any input I’d gladly accept. Also I don’t know any suby drivers locally I’m in Wentzville. Thanks in advance
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Oh and I’m going with an fmic
Unequal length headers
If you are doing all the rest, do it right and install a proper header. You want ELH for absolute sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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