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Hello World,

I am new to Club WRX, but have been a Subie owner for almost 3 years now. I drive a 2015 WRX that is very modestly modified. I’ve been on the fence for a while about dropping some serious cash into the car, but I think I’ve decided to wait for the FA24 STI to be released, assuming the rumors are true.

My first year of driving the car I left it bone stock. In my second year of ownership I got a Cobb access port and axle back exhaust (waste of money.) Now approaching my third year of ownership I have had the car pro-tuned with Perrin tgv/egr deletes, Turbo XS catless j pipe, and an invidia catback exhaust.

I love learning more and more about Subaru and mechanical knowledge in general. My car has taught me many things already and I hope to continue learning much more through the life of my ownership of the car.


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