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hey there, my name is TY, i bought a used 16 wrx last month, and it has CEL on with code P0137, it's a muffler deleted with bpv installed, super loud XD, today i take good look of the exhaust system on the car, found out she was catless, the catalytic converter was removed and metal tube was welded in, no wonder it has code, something to do with oxygen sensor, cuz it doesnt have one lol, ok question, the downpipe is pretty rusty and i cant stand a muffler delete it just too loud for the neighborhood, was gonna get nameless catback with mufflers to replace the muffler deleted that was on, but today after found out i don't have CAT, so im thinking might as well get it whole thing replaced, catted downpipe, and new catback exhaust system, and i know ill have get it tune, im looking at 1320 Performance high flow catted downpipe with Invidia Q300 set ups, does anyone have this set up? does those two piece go together? i live in New York, any one have good dyno tune shop recommend?
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