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New STI Owner

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Hello all,

I am Ekin and I own a 2015 dark blue STI; I have the car for about 4 months now and it's been a great experience driving it daily. I took it on a long road trip from Dallas, TX to Charleston, SC. and it was an amazing experience. It has 3 mods; COBB access port 93 tune, AEM CAI, and a Crawford AOS. I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust system. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.


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Welcome and congrats.

Just be sure that the AEM intake is specifically called out in the ECU map that you have installed on the AP.

Exhaust preference is highly personal. No one here could give you advice. To make a decision, you really should ride in a car with the exhaust you are going to buy, in person. Avoid YouTube videos as a decision maker.
agree with the above. sound clips are terrible and you never know how much drone there is until you are inside for a ride.

also of note on the exhausts: When you buy a catback, check to see how big it is where it meets/connects to the down-pipe.

COBB cat back is 2.5" at the connector so it can seamlessly connect to the OEM downpipe using the OEM gasket. Most other exhausts are 3" and would need a 3" to 2.5" adapter.

Likewise, COBB catted down-pipe is 3" but necks down to 2.5" after the CAT to mate to their exhaust (or OEM/STI performance exhaust) Most if not all other down-pipes are 3" all the way.

If you get a COBB downpipe and have a 3" catback, you need an adapter.

If you have a COBB exhaust and get a 3" downpipe that isnt COBB, you need a adapter
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Welcome and congrats! Excellent road trip.
Corsa or bust. Sounds like angles singing.
Corsa or bust. Sounds like angles singing.
Sounds like a very geometric melody.
I do love the sound of corsa. But I’ve had the invidia q300 on both of my last Subaru’s and I absolutely love it. But then again the only car backs that would touch my car are invidia or corsa.
Welcome to the club BTW!
Welcome to the club and congrats on your new ride! :D
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