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Hey guys I am about to attempt to replace the short block in my 2005 Saabaru 9-2x Aero. It has the EJ205 engine in it.

The car currently has a spun bearing in the low end. I want to keep the car stock minus maybe a stage 1 tune and a cutback exhaust. I am planning on just buying the stock EJ20 short block direct from Subaru and swapping it in myself. The question is this, other than replacing the oil cooler, oil pump, timing belt, idlers, water pump, thermostat, and all the gaskets is there anything else that needs/should be replaced?

Also, i am going to have the heads sent to the machine shop and worked on for whatever they think it needs. When i remove the camshafts is there anything special i need to do when reinstalling them? or just reinstall everything exactly as it came out? (obviously with assembly lube)

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