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2005 WRX. No Mods. 93k miles. Bought it at 83k. Ok so the other day i pulled into work and the engine started to knock, got it towed to subaru dealership, they said the rod bearing cracked due to a turbo oil leak. They said they need to replace the short block and turbo. (should all be covered by my extended warranty) All i want to know is if i should have them take a look at anything else while its there? What records or paper work i should get when its done? And also how to properly break in the new block and turbo?

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Lucky you for having that warranty, otherwise you'd be looking at a serious wallet-lightening!

If you want to spend extra, you could see about them adding stronger internals from the STI, but I'm not sure a dealer would be open to that (even if you paid for them). It's a bit early mileage-wise, but while they're rebuilding the engine, you should make sure they do the timing belt and water pump (I'm sure that's part of the rebuild, but double check anyway).

As far as the new block and turbo, break it in as you would a new engine. Allow me to read this passage from the Subaru manual (slightly embellished, but straight from Section 8-2):

From the Book of Subaru, Chapter 8, Verse 2:

And lo, the performance and long life of thine vehicle art dependent on how thou handlest and carest for thine vehicle whilst it is new. Therefore, thou shalt follow these commandments during the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km):

*Thou shalt not race the engine. And do not allow engine speed to exceed 4,000 rpm except in an emergency.
*Thou shalt not drive at one constant engine or vehicle speed for a long time, either fast or slow
*Thou shalt avoid sudden and rapid acceleration, except in an emergency
*Thou shalt avoid hard braking, except in an emergency

These commandments should be applied to an overhauled engine, newly mounted engine, or when brake pads or brake linings are replaced with new ones. For thine are the twisties, and the horsepower, and the boost forever, Amen.

EDIT: I have heard the "run it hard" theory on breaking in engines. I can't comment on it one way or another, as I haven't had to break in an engine before (well, at least in a car). All I can do is give you Subaru's own recommendations. Maybe others can chime in with their thoughts, but you're right, it is highly controversial.
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