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NEW Seibon Edition Volk TE37s!

We just got word from Seibon about their new Seibon Edition Volk TE37s! These wheels are in the Time Attack style with a red lip, but painted GUNMETAL instead of flat black. They are a very limited edition wheel and only a few sets will be coming into the country. Here are the two Subaru sizing options:

18x8.5 +50 5x114.3
17x8 +44 5x100

That's right, 5x100 for fitment on 04 STIs, all Imprezas, Foresters, and Legacys! As an authorized Seibon distributor, we are happy to be able to carry these wheels when they hit our shores. Expected arrival date of these wheels into the United States is slated for late October 2007. If anyone has any questions about these wheels, please don't hesitate to send us a PM, give us a call, or reply to this thread :)

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