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If you like the rally style driving lights but not sure how to fit them on your Subaru WRX properly, take a glance at our recently released custom fit XE Series LED Black Mesh Main Grille Kit from GrillCraft. Manufactured to aggressively enhance your vehicle's appearance and designed to stand any road abuse you put it through, GrillCraft LED Black Mesh Main Grille will look just at home on the front end of your ride, ideally matching with your factory grille shell. Please also note that from now on GrilleCraft XE Series grilles boast a whole new feature - a set of 2 bright LED lamps, aimed to ensure better road visibility and much more safe driving for you. With fully adjustable Hi/Low Ocular LED Grille lighting system added on exclusive and elegant GrillCraft mesh grilles, you'll definitely achieve a smooth, framed look for your WRX, you've been always dreamed about.

Grillcraft® SUB1739B-XE2 - 1-Pc XE Series LED Black Mesh Main Grille Kit at

* Main grille
* 2 LED lamps
* Wiring harness

* Price: $339.00;
* 1-Piece;
* Installation type: insert;
* Grille kits are vehicle specific. Installs into OE grille shell;
* Plug and play wire harness;
* Each light adjusts individually;
* Drilling for mounting screws is required;
* Grille shell center section must be cut out;
* Uses existing OE grille surround;
* Emblem is not included. All emblems are removed and reused from the OE grille assembly;

Give your Subaru WRX a Rally-style look and enhance your driving safety without any extra effort with XE Series LED Black Mesh Main Grille Kit from GrillCraft!
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