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Hey all-

Just picked up my WR Blue 2009 WRX Hatch from a private seller out in Indiana. It was surprising difficult to find [clean] examples of Subarus, but now that the search and all of the paperwork is taken care of, I could not be more happy with my purchase. I think I managed to pick it up for a pretty decent steal, given that it came with a fairly extensive list of aftermarket parts, all of the factory parts that had been replaced, and a second set of wheels and brand new snow tires. (Pictured on the car) I am definitely very new to owning a vehicle such as this, but am very much looking forward to exploring the forums and learning as much as I can from everyone's experiences.

So heres how the car came to me:

Black Sport Grill on the front
Tinted brake lights
Tinted Windows
Rally Armor Mud Flaps... Look Amazing IMO!

Performance Wise-
SPT Sway Bars
Kartboy Short-Throw shifter
Perrin Shifter Bushings

Engine / Engine Management-
AEM Intake
Invidia Exhaust
Walbro 255 Pump
Cobb AP Stage 2 @ 93 Octane... This is the only part of the deal that had me a little skeptical as we're all aware of what can go wrong if things have not been done correctly...

As far as I can tell though, everything has been done correctly. Everything is clean and looks good and matches up to what the internets tell me I need for this type of tune, at least to my uneducated understanding. The seller told me he has been running on stage 2 for about 10,000 miles now (She has just under 44,000 on her now) and it really does drive, accelerate, idle, and run very smoothly. Gas mileage, at least according to the car, is right around 26mpg with a mix of highway, around town, and sporadic playful acceleration so everything seems in very good order.

The only question I have is: Is there a way to find out exactly what type of tune is mapped on the car? The seller said he used a Torque Performance Tune... Does anyone have any experience with them? It seems just fine to me, but I'd love to hear someone else say it...

FYI, I obvioulsy have the Cobb AP along with the newest MSD Dash Hawk that I have mounted on the steering column...

Here are some pictures I took this morning since we have some sun...

Img_4357.jpg Img_4359.jpg Img_4356.jpg

Anyways, thanks for any information and I'm looking forward to learning from all of you soon!

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It sounds like a custom map - I'm not familiar with the "new" AP but it should list the map. I think you have to buy the accesstuner to read the map or make any changes.

You can find out how well it is doing by logging it with the AP

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Torqued Performance sells base maps for the '08+ cars, and I believe does e-tuning as well. As for what map is on the car, I'm not familiar with the AP enough to tell you.

I've flashed/logged TP maps and have been impressed with them. They haven't seemed to have been plagued with the boost/knock issues I've seen on Cobb maps.

As myco mentioned, the only way to find out how "good" the map is would be to datalog. This is for OpenECU, but it's good advice regardless (and mentions some differences in parameters with Cobb's logger):
RomRaider • View topic - How To: Make useful data logs

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Sorry, shoulda been more specific there myco - By "new", I was referring to the newest version of the Dash Hawk digital multi-gauge (V2?) that I have mounted, not the AP. I've never seen one before, but its actually pretty handy and can display a ton of different parameters. I will definitely try my hand at data logging though...

EJ - Thanks for the data log info. I'll spend some time and read up on the link and give it a go.

Funny story though... I guess I misheard the seller say "Torque" Performance instead of "Torqued" Performance. If you google Torque Performance, you get a company out of New Zealand that also does tuning for a number of makes including subarus, but it sounds like they do mostly in-house dyno stuff, which had me a bit confused...

Well now that I've been properly embarrassed for the first time, I'll wave my noob flag for a few minutes and then get crackin.
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