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Hello. I am Jason, and I just bought a 2008 WRX this past thursday. After much looking I felt that the Subaru was right for me. I have always been a Nissan and Mazda guy. I used to have a 1995 300zx, a 1992 300zx twin turbo, and most recent a 2005 RX8. Over the past years with the Mazda, I found my self driving my truck most of the time. The Mazda wasnt as reliable as I wanted, and well being in Colorado, not the best car for the weather. After checking out some all wheel drive cars I fell in love with the WRX. Had this been a couple years ago, I would have said "I will never own a Subaru."

I have some good experience with car audio and interior work that I hope to add to the community.

Thank you for having me here and hope to learn a lot here

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