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New Member! Question about Subaru Recalls + COBB mods

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Hey all,

Been reading the forums for a bit, finally created an account. I've got a 09 WRX with a COBB Stage 1 package including AP, intake and airbox.

I wasn't really sure where to post this, but I am taking my Subaru in for the JAN 2016 BRAKE LINE RECALL on Thursday, and I was wondering if Subaru will have any issues with my aftermarket COBB gear? Should I at minimum flash the ECU back to stock and reset the battery?

Thanks for the help

Recall: FAQList - FAQ - Subaru Canada
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You will not have an issue with the recall work. It is possible they may note the mods in your file. I am a pay to play individual, thus have no advice on the return to stock prior approach.
They are just going to spray anti -corrosive stuff on your brake lines.. chances are they won't even look under your hood
Really - there is a recall for corroded brake lines? We certainly can't complain about Subaru. Right now I have a rusted-thru line off my GMC van and am bending a new one. I can't see GM doing such a recall.
Your car is 8 years old. Assuming you haven't modified the brake lines, there will be no issues with your engine modifications. Assuming you still had some kind of warranty (which I doubt), replacing the factory airbox may be advised. If you don't, they may note modifications in your file, but if you had an engine claim in the future, they would know it was a "return to stock" situation anyway. I wouldn't waste your time/energy.

A TSB is different than a traditional warranty claim; they are acknowledging there's a factory defect (and telling owners to get the service done), and will replace anything factory as a result. If you went in with aftermarket SS brake lines, they could tell you to pound sand.
Thanks for all the feedback, great advice.
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