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Hey everyone,

I've owned a 2018 WRX Base in World Rally Blue since September 2018. I've owned mostly beaters and cheap "fun" cars over the last few years, to include a 1990 Miata, 2002 Civic, 2001 BMW 330Ci (regret getting of that one) and then a 2008 Ford Focus that I thought was going to be a cheap commuter. It only lasted for a month or two before it *** the bed. With that being said, that's how I ended up in a brand new 2018 WRX.

I just ordered my first few upgrades, or mods, for it earlier today. I got the WRX short shifter pack from SubiSpeed (Boomba short shifter, Perrin short shifter adapter, brass bushing kit, and Perrin shifter stop) as well a Raceseng Slammer shift knob in gloss black.

I don't want to do anything crazy to jeopardize reliability, but I look forward to making it a better daily. Some things I'm thinking of for the future are better headlights (HID/LED bulbs or whole assembly) and maybe wheels and exhaust at some point later down the road. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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