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So I just got me a bugeye yesterday. Bone stock. Hoping to restore the life and get her nicely modded. Other than some light body work on the hood and and scoop. The paint on the roof is quite faded and that’s about it extipr look wise.

Also the drive back last night the CEL so I’ll have to find out what that is now.

The last owner took well care of body and engine to be reliable. And I choose to keep it that way as much as possible while still giving her all the mods I want.

I’m just getting more into the culture and it’s my first car I bought myself and am ready to take in all the knowledge.

Here’s how she looks as of now:


Here is the hood issue I’ll be working on getting fixed this summer time or later.

Thanks the names Khody. And I’m from Indianapolis. I’m that geeky lookin Asian kid with the WRB Bugeye WRX if anyone would see me in Avon/Plainfield area. I’ve seen quite a bit of Subies here. More outbacks and foresters and crosstreks. And me and my fiancé actually have a 2019 Impreza sedan as well magnetite grey.
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