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Hi, I just got signed up and thought I'd say hi. Looks like a great start to a new board.

I have been watching the WRX saga unfold for the past 10 months or so and ordered mine on Jan. 10; recieved it on Mar. 15. The WRX is a welcomed change to the humdrum driving style that makes up about 5 months of the year in Alaska where roads are snow and ice covered. I considered an RS a couple of years ago, but didn't think that it had the advantage over the A4 that I already owned.

During the summer I am involved in the SCCA and Porsche club events around the state and can't wait to get mine out there this year.

Anyone else here from the "Upper One" :D or Canada?



welcome autoXr,

There's an autoX section that you might enjoy and also you can post something on the reginal forum if you are looking for people in your area.
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