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Motor is out and a possible issue to this was the weld from the FMIC BPV flange broke and piece of it got sucked in to the engine. But i been seeing lots of knock and hesitation when letting off the throttle from day one and feel like if that was the cause the engine wouldn't have lasted 2300km. Might of been a coincidence as a few days before the tune i remounted the FMIC core tight and snug and all the piping as well and after market engine mounts and pitch stop. And the pipe with that flange was resting on the oil cap fill tube where it might of got alot of vibrations from the engines causing the weld to go.

Machine shop is going to inspect the block further once the block gets ripped apart.
Let us know what you find. You should not be hearing piston slap if the block was machined with the prescribed clearance, so make sure and get those bores checked.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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