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For Christmas, I received these tweets to replace the OEM speakers in the corners of my dash (2015 WRX Limited, non-Harmon):

I know you're supposed to let speaks have a break-in period, and when I contacted Crutchfield about the problem, that's what they recommended: 20 hours of break-in.

The actual problem is that I get a very loud and annoying "crack" or "pop" sound at higher volumes. And I'm not talking about really cranking it up, maybe 60- 65% of max. (The stock head unit, which isn't amped, only goes up to "40." I start getting that crackle around 27). It's even worse in colder weather, and as it's winter in CO, it's very prevalent.

It's been more than 20 hours of playing time, and it's not getting any better. In fact, to listen at somewhat higher volumes, I've had to turn my fader 30% to the rear. It helps, but I still can't even go past 75% volume.

Any other ideas before I go back to Crutchfield for resolution, please?
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