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New comp 40 ewg install

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So my 2010 wrx has been through a number of setups at this point. First a catback and ots tune. Then invidia catted dp and q300 and cobb ots tune. Then cobb sf intake,dp, catback and protune. Gave me boost creep and fuel cut. Installed a 3 port and retune. Still had boost creep. Ported turbo and it fixed boost creep but killed my performance off the line.

Anyway I had my head gaskets done and decided to replace my turbo and try the ewg route to control boost this time. I went with the grimmspeed up pipe and turbosmart comp 40 ewg. Can't get to a tuner so I'm trying out torqued performance e tune.

First off, it took me like 10 hours to install everything. Second it's loud. Like really loud and I will either run a secondary exhaust or plum it back to dp. But for now the problem is that it seems to open before spring pressure and I see a max of 16.5 psi on my accessport. Maybe I will need to change my boost control hookup idk
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What psi are you supposed to be seeing on your tune? Some tuners will go conservative because you will have your injectors basically maxed out with the turbo back and intake.

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Target boost is 19 but it should be set to spring pressure until I send him some logs on monday
You are going to lose most of the power gain if you re-plumb the wastegate dump back into the downpipe. You get used to the noise, and it doesn't bother you as much after a bit. When I DDed the Subaru, there were days at a time I'd go without hearing the wastegate dump, simply because I knew how to drive it in a way that would prevent it. Then, when I finally got to a point where I wanted to open it up a bit, it was a pleasant / welcome noise again.
No... it sounds retarded lol. I'll at least put a muffler on it.
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