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I recently had an Invida Q300 catback put on my car (2013 WRX Hatch) and I have two weird things that have happened.

1. When I am really laying into the car and upshifting from 2-3, I occasionally get a "Brrrraaapp" sound. It reminds me of a short burst of a Phalynx machine gun. It happens for about a 1/2 second. And not every time.

2. Yesterday when I was on a hill and had to reverse to get out of a driveway, I heard a rattling sound. It didn't sound good at all, but when I was done with backing up and then rolling forward, it was perfectly fine. It hasn't done it any other time, except on the hill that one time.

Weird stuff!! Let me know if anyone has any ideas or similar experiences with this stuff.

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