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Hey guys, I sold my last S4 and was going to get a STI but the one I was looking at was broken into before I could pick it up. So after a quick search I found a bugeye wagon and picked it up last weekend. It's a little clapped out but I love it:)
Its battery had boiled over at some point in the past and destroyed the paint on the frame rail which started to rust, so that became this weekends project.
So I stripped the paint, sanded it all down, and repainted! Also I dropped my headlight and had to franken stitched it and jb welded it back together.ha
Here are the pics!

Here are my previous cars

First WRX


Stage 2 S4

Stock arctic white s4 avant 6 speed

Stage 3 pearl white S4 avant 6 speed:)

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Nice set of rides and congrats on the 02 WRX.
I am happy you love it and are able to fix her up. :)
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