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New '02 WRX owner

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Hey so I just bought my first WRX, it's an 02 with quite a bit of miles but is solid. I'm going to be changing all the brakes and the leaking valve gasket cover. Also one of the rear bushings needs replacing but I haven't gotten in there to check it out yet. If any one has recommendations on what other basic things I should look into that'd be cool. Other than that, I'm hoping to start modding it. Any recommendations on what I should start with?
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First, let it be said that my jealousy knows no bounds. My first WRX was an '02 and I rue the day I sold her...fabulous car. Well played sir.

Second, are you looking for mods or basic maintenance that you should look into? Just want to make sure we point you in the right direction.

Third, welcome to the party pal!
In terms of basic maintenance, look for timing belt depending on the mileage, it would be nice to be able to do valve cover gaskets and timing belt all at once. Further, it'd be a good idea to change the transmission and differential fluid. Then go over bushings and suspension components. Welcome and congrats on your bugeye!
As of right now I just wanna know basic maintenance since i did just buy the car and the body has about 300,000 miles on it, but after that I wanna start looking into actual mods.

The guy who was selling it mentioned that there was maintenance to the motor about 50,000 miles ago and he was a mechanic so he figured it was the timing belt but I'll def take a further look into that.

Thanks for the warm welcome
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