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Alright guys, there are simply too many wheels to list on the forum and be able to keep up with all the pictures and the questions. If you're looking for rims and tires, check out the rims and tires section of, there are discounts offered by several stores. If you're looking for Japanese rims like Black Racing Pro N1, Volk Racing Rims, Racing Hart, RH Evolution, Work, 5Zigen, Gram Light, United Arrows, Velox, and all the other Japanese wheels, visit this page . Most of the wheels are in stock and you can follow the page to check for any questions on the rims, tires, tire upgrades, shipping quote (although a lot of the deals come with free ground shipping), and any special orders etc. I will post anything new that you guys are not aware of or answer any questions here on the board. If you have any specific questions or quetions regarding availability etc please follow the directions on this page .

Some of the specials that we have right now include:

15% off + free ground shipping on all Volk Racing wheels including the TE37, LE37s, SE37A, SE37K, CE28N, AV3, and more.

Volk Racing GT-N, GT-P, GT-C, GT-A, and Gram Light 57Pro. All 2 piece forged wheels at $1500 with free ground shipping for the 17x7 and $1800 for the 18x7.5. Please call for a wheel/tire package.

Volk Racing Gram Light 57C 17x7.5 with Kumhos + Free ground shipping $1500 Available in Silver, White, and Gold (+$100 for gunmetal)

Volk Racing CE28N 17x7.5 (13lbs forged!!!) $1880 ($2300 with
Falken Azenis RS 225/45/17) 18x7.5 $2000 ($2500 with Kumho Supra Ecsta 712s 225/40/18) Bronze (Titanium Silver special color no extra charge) with free ground shipping

Black Racing Pro N1 with Falken Azenis RS $1300 with free ground shipping

5Zigen Becketts FN01R-C 17" $1300 w/tires + free ground shipping. Add $80/set for hyper black and super silver. (17lbs lightweight)

5Zigen MK-05 and MK-06 17" for $975 w/tires and $1290 for 18" w/tires in both super silver and hyper black (call for shipping quote)

United Arrows Eurostar S-05 17x7 $1395 with tires + free ground shipping. 18x7.5 $1575 with tires + free ground shipping.

RH Evolution Wheels 17" package $1150 18" package $1495 19" package $1995 (call for quote on shipping).

Buddyclub P1 17x7.5 with Kumhos + Free shipping $1280.

There are tons of other wheels on sale. Feel free to ask me any questions or you can
call to have your questions answered over the phone.
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