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Hi All! I'll make this as short as I can.
My name is Bill, I joined this forum for my son and I to gain insight on everything Subaru. We bought a 2011 STI Sedan with front end damage. We removed all the damaged parts not worth straightening. The full radiator support assembly being one such part. The driver side wheel apron was also damaged but repairable. Subaru only has drawings of the part. I need pictures of this area so I can see exactly how it should look. I am including pictures of the area in question. The piece is where the battery sits but the damage is on the vertical section that meets with the radiator support and fender support frame. In the pictures you will see the new radiator support (black). I can almost see the part in headlight swap videos. Pictures of a carbon fender swap may be ideal but the headlight definitely needs to be out to get pictures at the necessary angles. Thank you for any help you can provide.
We are also looking for a left front HID headlight, or some input about aftermarket products. We need the AFS motor at the very least as some aftermarket headlights like Spyder, and CT Auto Parts use them. CT Auto Parts Only sold in Australia though. Pricey shipping.
Thanks again for any advice and photos you can provide.
Bill Kelly


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