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Need my headlights resealed. I'll pay for your labor. SGV area

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Hey, I got my headlights customized a while back and the passenger headlight has some condensation. The guy that I had do it knows about it and tried fixing it twice and each time it still had some condensation on the inside of the housing in the mornings. I'm going to hit him up again but if there's someone else out there that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm completely unsure what sealant he is using but I will find out. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Again I live in the SGV area near the 605 and 210 freeway intersection. Contact me here or by text. I prefer text since it'll be a quicker response but whatever floats your boat. 626 586 six888 Art. Thanks ahead of time everyone!!
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Or very worst case scenario, I'll buy a used passenger headlight if anyone has one ts reuse the front and backing. It's very unlikely but MAYBE my housing is cracked somewhere... Off to the part outs section I go!
you gota use this poop op

make sure the sealant is in the grooves provided and when you put it back together, it's clampped

some say to heat up the headlight in the oven then clamp down the edges but i think you can clamp down the edges and use a heat gun to heat the edges where the sealant is. be sure to check the gaskets where your bulbs enter too.

got any pics?
Very nice! I'll look into it and see if he's down to buy that ****. Do they sell it anywhere from your experience or just online?
Oh dang I guess I didn't read your full reply haha. I do have pictures but I took them this morning so it was dark and the flash created some glare so it's not too good of a pic. I'll get one later. I'll tell this guy what you said. I don't trust myself doing it so I'm just going to pass this info to the guy who will be working on my headlight. Do you have firsthand experience resealing with that stuff? Or do you know someone who uses it?
i've been wanting to black out my housing forever, and i've read alot and watch tons of youtube videos and this is what most people recommend.

im waiting for when i have funds for a hid projector to do this.
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