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I'm working on an intercooler spray kit and have run into a little snag. I'm trying to put in a control circuit similar to intermittent windshield wipers to run the spray motor for a few seconds and then delay a few seconds.

I got a universal intermittent wiper circuit at Pep Boys, but all it's supposed to do is TRIGGER the wiper circuit which then stays on long enough to run the wipers once through the cycle. This is where I'm having problems. My electronics expertise is not that great and I can't figure out how to build a control ciruit that will stay on for lets say 2 seconds every time its triggered.

the intention is to give the driver control over the duty cycle of the sprayer. If its simpler to just build something from scratch that will do the whole job I'm all for that as well. Ideally I'd like to have a slider/knob that will allow the driver to control the duty cycle of the sprayer from the driver's seat from 100% (on all the time) to about 20%...I think more than that would be useless. (An indicator would be nice but probably too fancy for the scope of this project).

If anyone has any insight for doing this I'd greatly appreciate it. I was also thinking of cannibalizing the wiper motor control circuit, but when I tried to explain this to the guy at the parts counter he just stared blankly at me...I don't think he spoke English that well.:rolleyes:
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