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Need help with mods

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Hey guys im just barely starting to get into wrxs, im thinking about buy a stock wrx but i wanna put some money in and add some horsepower. Im not a master as the mechanic stuff but id like to learn. What would i need to gain horspower?
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Hey guys im new with wrx, im looking to buy a stock wrx around 2002 or so. Im not the best with mechanic skills but willing to learn as i go. What do i do to gain some horsepower in the wrx?
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No need to make two posts about the same thing.. I will respond to your other thread. Locking this one.
It depends on the condition of the car, your end goal, and your budget. With a 14 year old car there will certainly be a lot of things that will need to be fixed/replaced before considering modifications for more power (you could easily spend $1000 just on new bushings, which it will need at this point). Realistically, unless the car you get has less than 100k miles on it I wouldn't consider modding. Unless you somehow find an immaculate condition bugeye with really low miles, modding for more power will likely end up with a blown engine in short time.

If the car is in great condition, low miles, up to date on all maintenance, and both compression and leak down tests come back good, then I would consider replacing the uppipe, downpipe, and getting the car tuned as a starting point.
Catless up pipe, catless down pipe, catback exhaust to match and an accessport with a map for said parts to start but my motor only has 30k miles on it, so I'd take MainFrames advice. Mine went from stock to moderately modified in about a month because the pre cat on the UP pipe grenaded and took out my turbo.
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