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I have a 2011 Subaru WRX sedan. Currently running a stage 2 91 tune while running 93 octane gasoline and while cruising around 2,000 RPM in 5th gear I got a random knock at -8.05
My DAM stayed at 1 but it's the most that's ever come up. It pulled 4 degrees of timing and went back to normal. I didn't hear any kind of knock so I'm not sure what would have caused this


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1. You won't hear knock.
2. Did the car learn any knock? FLKC is more important to keep tabs on than FBKC
3. At what load did the knock occur?

Some suggestions on monitors:
- drop the AFR (it's useless)
- drop the Coolant temp (you have a monitor on your dashboard)
- drop Boost (you'd know if the car was pulling boost due to other factors)
- drop Dynamic Advance (you are already monitoring the multiplier)

+ add Intake Air Temp (IAT)
+ add Fine Learn Knock (FLKC)
+ add AFR Learning #1 (LTFT)
+ add Calculated Load
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