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Hello guys I'm running into a bit of a problem Here's the list of what I have:

2012 WRX Hatch

Built Motor

- Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool

- King Engine Bearings Standard Connecting Rod Bearing Set

- Brian Crower bROD Connecting Rods

- Subaru OEM Full Gasket And Seal Kit

- Subaru OEM Forged Crankshaft

- Gates Timing Belt Kit

- NGK Iridium Spark Plugs One Step Colder 2309

- Cosworth High Pressure Blueprinted Oil Pump Kit

- Killer B Motorsport Ultimate Oil Pickup

- Cosworth Main Bearing Set Size 1

- PERRIN 4 Bar Map Sensor

- Company23 AVCS Intake Cam Sprocket Tool

- CP Piston Set 99.75mm Bore 8.2:1 CR

The Issue that I'm Having is that I get this Code P0016 I changed the Solenoid that on that side but the Code still shows up. and on top of that theirs a small clacking noise when i turn on the car which it shouldn't have i Just put everything back together and even changed the oil from 5w 30 to 15w 40 and the clacking was reduced but its still there along with the code has anyone encountered this problem before? and also i changed the sprocket for that intake cam because on the inside where the guide that it holds on to when you put it on the cam was ovulated and not a round shape so i decided to put in a new one.
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