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Need Exhaust Silencer Valve Controller

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Hi all,
need your opinion, i want to buy an "Exhaust Silencer Valve Controller" and i dont which one is good for me and what are the difference between this 2:

1. 76mm 3 inch Exhaust Silencer Valve Controller Civic SI Accord Integra S2000 NSX | eBay


2. 3" Electric Exhaust Catback Downpipe Cutout E Cut Out Valve Kit Switch Control | eBay

what do you use?

thank you for your time and response.
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The electronic actuated cutouts are notorious for leaking, and repeated servo failures... I used a manually operated one for years on my old WRX and never had a problem with it, other than it was obnoxiously loud when open.. so loud that after the first week I only opened it two or three times in the following years. I got it from Summit Racing for $30.
thank you for your response.
can you give me a link for that 30$ part?
i search and didnt find...
thank you!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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