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need advice on whether to get different coils? Subaru 2013 WRX

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Hey, apologies if this thread seems dumb but i wanted to get others perspective on my question. I currently run on my 2013 subaru wrx (sedan), gecko street coilover suspension. I purchased these from a friend who was sponsored at the time for around under $500. It seemed too good to pass for that price. That was about 2 years ago, im still running the coilsovers and just now i'm hearing excessive squeaking (im assuming because of the cold winter in Portland, OR). This is actually my first winter driving with these coilovers since both past winters i stored my car.

Anyways, i currently have negative camber on my car, i'm not a big fan of camber. I plan to go a bit lower on my car, my worry is the negative camber will become even more negative which i really dont want. I looked at getting some adjustable arms that allow me to adjust the camber. Rear are around $500 as well as the front. However, if i buy a new pair of coilover with right adjustment and camber adjustment, then i'd be the same price (both around $1000).

What do you think i should do? Which is better? I dont track my car, but i daily drive it a lot. I make many trips from Oregon, portland to california, LA. I also do alot of canyon rides.

Any tips or ideas are appreciated.
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You wont find a set of coilovers under 2000 bucks that perform as good as the factory suspension.

A common suggestion I've seen mentioned with positive reviews are koni yellow inserts and rce blacks. It gives you about 20mm drop from stock front and rear. I personally would look into adjustable control arms for any amount of drop so you can tweak to exactly what you want.
The answer is: yes. You should invest in new suspension.

Your budget is all wrong though.

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