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I'm selling the Nameless Performance Catback/Mid-Pipe exhaust off of my 2010 STi Hatch. Exhaust tips are 3.5 inch double wall and staggered.

This exhaust configuration uses a Magnaflow muffler and has a nice aggressive note, but nothing that will get the neighbors shaking their heads at you. I'd place the exhaust note on this setup between stock and the 5" muffler system that Nameless produces. It's a significant improvement over the stock muffler.

These were installed on the car for approximately 10k miles, however, the car was a garage queen and was NOT driven in the snow or rain. I recently traded the car in with 15k miles for a more family friendly vehicle. The dealer did not want any of the mods I had on the car.

I also have a listing for BC BR coilovers in the marketplace as well.

Asking $500 for both.

IMG_20200628_183638.jpg IMG_20200628_183653.jpg IMG_20200628_183657.jpg IMG_20200628_183702.jpg IMG_20200628_183706.jpg IMG_20200628_183712.jpg IMG_20200628_183718.jpg IMG_20200628_183722.jpg
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