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Nameless Axleback exhaust

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Hello I am looking at purchasing some axleback exhaust and I came to find that nameless seems to be the most regarded. My question is how much of a sound change can I expect with Axleback and 4" muffler. I want a louder sound than stock but not ready to pull the trigger on turbo back. I definitely do not want to muffler delete.
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Honestly I went with the muffler deletes and I was expecting it to be a lot louder. It's quiet at idle and only loud when you get on it hard. On the highway, very very mild drone over 75mph but that's it.

As for the 4" mufflers, check youtube, there are tons of video clips with inside and outside samples. The build quality is great and they are pretty cool guys.
I just put a Corsa on my 2011. At steady cruise you can't hear it in the cabin. Step on it a little and it gets real heavy real fast.

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I had the same question - whether to use a 4" or a 5" muffler along with the axleback. Nameless and ETS are the two that I got the most hits for. Are there any other axlebacks that I'm overseeing that is worth the buck?
Where ru located I have an nameleas straightpipe axle back.. and a cat back STI performance exaughst
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