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I just installed a cat-back and just in case anyone's wondering, a cat-back alone won't do **** for performance, if anything it makes the car slower according to my recent experience. (catback = midpipe+muffler+tip)

The only reason I got a cat-back is because I got it free with installation from skunk2. the car sounds much louder now with the silencer off, but with it on it's still a little louder but the performance is kinda watered down, turbo spools up a little slower. But now all i need is a downpipe and I'll have a whole turboback completed.

I wasn't expecting any gains though anyways other then very minimal gains from losing the stock cat for a high-flow cat and straighter piping but even with those little changes didn't really make any difference except now it's loud as hell.

Hopefully I get a uppipe & downpipe soon. The catback is saving me some real cash in not having to buy a whole turboback anymore.

And here's my mini-review of this Skunk2 Mega Power Exhaust:
Overall good deeeeeep sound. I love how it sounds JUST when you turn the key and hear the rumble of it. It's pretty audible even when you are just idling but gets really loud when you are accelerating, even at the low RPM's. The piping is pretty straight so I imagine it would be a good cat-back for someone looking ot upgrade their whole exhaust. The only negative at all I can think of is that it can get too loud for those who aren't into having a loud exhaust. The fix for this is the silencer that is included (2 mins to install and take off), though the silencer feels like it takes away from the performance somewhat. I'm sure the turbo takes a little longer to spool up with the silencer on but once it's spooled I think the power is mostly all there. Once the silencer is off though the power is all back, along with the deep noise. and are the only references to it I've seen online. I think it might get popular once it's released, and from the impression they gave me at Skunk2, it'll be out this month. Skunk2 is mostly popular with Honda stuff but everyone wants a piece of the WRX, and as long as the products are good, I don't mind at all.
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