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2004 Impreza WRX
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Alright, so Im fairly new to car mechanics but I’m very interested in learning how to build cars, so my friends and I bought a rolling body of a 2004 Impreza wrx for 700, no engine, a trans that is presumably stuck in first gear, and I really don’t know a whole lot about the engine bay and what goes where, the person who I bought this off of had already sold a few things out of the engine bay and I don’t really know what goes where. I thought It would be worth a shot to ask here for ANY help on the engine bay and if anyone has diagrams or even just knowledge of what goes where. Also I’m well aware of the left fender my friend is a welder of 6 years who is going to take care of that. Attached are a few images just so in case anyone wanted to see what’s going on in there. Thanks again for any help!
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