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My grandson comes to his old ( 77 year old ) gearhead grandfather for advice.
He has a new 2019 Subaru WRX.Only mod ( so far ) is a muffler delete pipe and a COBB turner.
I helped him install the tune and it worked great.
We then started tuning some options, as is.Launch control and flat foot shifting.
Also loved them.
Our question is, can you restore the flat foot shifting or the launch control back to factory settings without having to go through and remove the COBB turner (un-marry ), and then re-install it?
We didn't document the original default values!
If there is any way to do this could someone please describe the stems to accomplish this.
FYI. I'm an old gearhead from the 60's,
Still have a old muscle car.
Any and all comments would greatly be appreciated.
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