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Hey guys this is the list of modifications i want to get in order please tell me if i should do something in a different order or add something, Thanks
2002 Wrx Stock

1. Cobb Air intake kit ( air box and intake kit )
2. Cobb Catback Exhaust
3. Cobb Downpipe
4. Cobb Accessport

Money is preventing so that's why i broke up the TBE. There is more to come but this is what i want to start with.

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I'd wait on the catback... usually a catback, and a downpipe costs a TON more than getting a turboback exhaust (which contains a downpipe and catback) OR... I wouldn't do the intake, and I WOULD get the downpipe.

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For #3, do you mean a Cobb downpipe?

If you don't already have a catless upipe, this should be priority 1.

Here's a better plan:

1. Catless uppipe
2. Accessport (start with Stage 1)
3. Downpipe
4. Catback


1. Uppipe
2. Accessport
3. Turboback

Don't waste your money on an air intake. Do the intake silencer delete mod if you want more turbo noise.

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