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maybe someone can advise me. My dad gave me his bugeye 2002 WRX hatchback. He keeps his cars meticulous! I was so excited. Unfortunately, the lower control arm rusted and broke and we found out there was a recall on the vehicle. Unfortunately, he was not in one of the states that offered the recall (NC apparently does not have enough snow). There is too much rust to repair the car.

Long story, but now I have an awesome car that is beyond repair. The engine and all other components are in excellent shape and the engine and hood alone should be worth something to someone. I would hate to just junk the car. We have tried the cash for cars route and the most I have been offered is $670. it would break my heart to junk it for that knowing someone out there can bring this engine back to life.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I would find a buyer who would be interested in this car for parts?
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