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Motor break in???

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So I am curious as to breaking in the motor on my 2017. This is the 1st turbo car I have owned. The deals hip told me to keep it under 4000 rpm for 4000 miles before I really get down on the gas. I was talking to my brother in law who has a focus st (I understand it's a different car, but still has a turbo) and was talking about not building boost until the motor is broke in. What is everyone's method or thoughts on motor break in. I have kept it under 4000 rpm (other then like 3 times) and I have 2000 miles on it. I don't want to cause long term issues or have anything go wrong. I plan on this being my daily driver for hopefully 200,000+. Please explain your thoughts and process.
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Thoughts and methods are worthless because nobody offering them has the same level of experience with Subaru motors as do Subaru themselves. Therefore ignore all comments and follow the book to the letter.
It's in your owner's manual. You know... that thick book they suggest reading before you drive the car? ;)

You already have 2000 miles, so you're sort of past the break in period if you'd have been doing anything wrong.

For future reference, it's no full throttle, no cruise control, vary the RPM's, and don't go over 4,000 RPM's for the first 1,000 miles.

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Thanks guys I do apprciate the responses.
Engine break-in procedures are very similar across companies because this day and age many engines are using the same alloys, and deviations.

The goal in engine break-in is to allow the parts to operate under conditions that prevent excessive pressure, heat, and distortion. Some vehicles like the new NSX are broken in at the factory on an engine brake so the ideal conditions are met, and you have the best case scenario for your new engine.

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Under 4000 rpm for 1000 miles according to the manual. You're all done. Change your oil and have fun with it.
^ plus don't hit boost, change oil at 1000, and if your a 'spirited driver' again at 3 to whatever you feel like running for the rest of the cars life. Everyone is different*

Didn't see your post irickchad*

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