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I just picked up 2010 WRX with low miles as my new winter car. It snows A LOT here, so I'd like to get a bit more clearance. I looked at strut spacers - there are quite a few. However, after I spoke with local and very reputable indy he warned me against doing this, as it will impact suspension and cause excessive tire wear.

I think this advice is overly cautious. There got to be a way to do this right. I know people lift these cars a lot for rallies.

So with this in mind, how do I get more clearance? What is reasonable? 1 inch? 0.5? 1.5? This is going to be a daily driver, I don't want to compromise on-road safety or handling.

So how do I lift this car and do it 100% right? I searched for lift kits, there are some out there. Is this the way to go, or lifting springs a better way to do it?


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I had spacers on mine. Unless you plan on buying a bunch of adjustable parts like lower control arms your alignment will be jacked and unfixable.

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