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lol...I was coming home tonight around 10:15 PM to my new place, with my WRX full of boxes of heavy stuff, including half of my tool collection (I'm still in the moving process), to the point that I could barely see out any of the rear windows. As I was merging onto the highway, I noticed a nice sleek BMW Z car in the fast lane. Thinking little of it, I gunned it to merge ahead of a truck, and shot forward for about 2-3 seconds, which apparenly got the attention of the BMW driver. He rolled up next to me, and seemed to be reving. I looked over, and saw him look at me, and surge forward, let off, and surge forward again, egging me on. I dropped it down to 4th, and he took off. I put it into 3rd from 65 mph, which I wound out long enough to halt his progress, but not quite catch back up. I shifted into 4th, and walked steadily by him, letting off at 111 mph, according to my Power Meter-id. I slowed back down to 60 mph.

Undaunted, the middle aged Z4 driver pulled next to me again, and looked over at me. I smiled, and gave him a thumbs up. Since he was pacing me, I cautiously put it into 4th. Once again, he took off, so I threw it into 3rd, and we did the exact same dance again. I wound out 3rd, which was only the top 1500 rpm that it had left (I miss the RA gearset, it had such a usable 4th gear, compared to stockers, so I didn't have to downshift to 3rd all the time...I despise the stock 4th gear). Anyway, once I shifted into 4th, I walked briskly by him, and let off at around 100 mph. Basically, once my car got going, it was a slaughter fest. Both times, he got a nice jump that took a second to halt before I could reel him back in and blow by.

It was a fun, random race with a really pretty machine. I'm sure there's a BMW driver out there somewhere w/newfound respect for Scooby's. Of course, he didn't even realize that I was lugging an extra 400+ lbs tonight, too. :D That's why my Power Meter-id only read 318 whp on our first pull, due to the extra weight (it usually reads high 330's if I wind out 4th gear)

It really wouldn't have been pretty if my car was empty. :)
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