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Actually the V6 5speed is pretty quick, AUTO V6's are slow, theirs guys in the eclipse forum who are doing 14.6-14.8 1/4 mile times with just an intake.

And you better watch out, Xtech engineering is already is selling a turbo setup for it, MPH eng. is making a twin turbo for it which should be out in a few months and RIPPMODS eng. got a supercharger system that is already done but is still being tested should be on sale within a couple of months. Plus theirs mods already here headers, downpipes, intake , exhaust etc.

The eclipse is more of a sport cruiser while the DSM's were racers.
The V6's arent the easiest to mod but the mods are finally coming it took awhile but better late the never.

The eclipse will probably never be the fastest car out their but the looks of it will make up for that.:)
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