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Mismatched Wheel Widths

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The specs on my OEM rims are 18x8.5 and the specs on my new rims are 18x9.5. So far only two of the rims have arrived, and I want to install them on the front instead of waiting for the other two, but I’m going to be running a small stretch. The tires I have on my 8.5 OEM rims are 245/40s and the tires for the new 9.5 rims are also 245/40s. I’m not sure how big of a difference it would make, or if it would be enough to harm the internals of the car since there would be a slight change in the complete diameter of the front wheels compared the to rear wheels.
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This again?

Sidewall = 245x0.4 = 98mm
Radial difference = 98 - root(98^2 - 12.5^2) = 0.8mm
Diameter difference = 1.6mm
Subaru diameter diff limit = 2/32" = 1.58mm
By the time you get your remaining wheels, there will be more wear
= yes it will fuck your transmission.

Also, just why? Stretched tires have no performance advantage and 9.5 is a stupidly wide wheel for this suspension. What's so urgent about this that you can't wait for remaining 4 wheels?
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