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[HELP!] Misfiring cylinders P0301-0303-0304

there was no cell light on but we decided to check the ECU
we have a program and hardwear to check CEL's... when we checked the scubi it threw 3 codes (P0301-0303-0304)

thats misfire on 1 - 3 - and 4

wth happend to 2?:confused:

any ways we also checked the air to fuel ratio with the comp and it said that i was running lean... havent done any thing to the car at all...

while on nutral i would rev up to 4k rpm's and release the peddal.. i would then hear a bog as the rpm goes down.. "misfire??"

i dont know how to fix this, good thing its under waranty, i jus bought the car 2 weeks ago from CARMAX who did there 1,000,000,000 point inspection, :D

the only mod on the car is a WORX BOV. <--- and that came with the car~

any help would be good
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