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Hey Guys, new guy here!

I apologize in advance if I am somehow posting this in the wrong spot. I just joined today and was hoping for a little bit of help or insight. I daily drive my WRX and have kept up with all maintenance and have babied the thing for a while now. I have done minor maintenance myself (PCV, filters, brakes, light stuff like that as I am far from a mechanic and just want to keep my car happy) so just know you're not talking to someone who's ever done anything too complicated lol. For all oil changes and maintenance I have just brought it to the dealership for peace of mind.

I just brought my 13 WRX Hatch to my dealership today as I was running a very subtle misfire that also seems to be intermittent and is more common when its colder. Their first suggestion was to run a compression and leak down test.
I am running P0300 and P0304. I was hoping it was just a plug or a coil or wire that would be the issue, but they are telling me that I need a whole new short block.

I just wanted to ask if there's any way this could be due to a loose plug or anything a bit more minor. I am praying there is some sort of easier fix to this as I literally just threw on brand new tires and replaced my pads and rotors as well.

These were my test results:
1 2%
2 1%
3 4%
4 28%

1 140
2 130
3 140
4 125

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Could be a head gasket, maybe. Drain the oil and check for water. It'll look milky. Or you can drain the radiator or pressure test the cooling system. If the coolant looks muddy it's a head gasket or cracked block or head.

My guess, dead ringland. Doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.
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